• Bring your webcast to life with live video, Power Point, polling and animation
  • Engadge your audience in realtime via Skype, Twitter and Facebook
  • Build brand recognition through customized registration pages and updates
  • Track webcasts through analytics
  • HD quality with a professional production team.
  • Target global audiences via a promo spots and social media
  • Qualify new prospects with audience interactivity tools.
  • Affordable, immediate and eliminates travel limitations
  • Achieve content to your website and social media



Live Webcast Tools


  • Deliver live HD quality video to computers, smart phones, tablets and set-top boxs such as Roku and Apple TV.
  • Use your viewer’s smart phone for interactive, 2 way video.
  • Manage your content, Power Point, polling and Q & A.
  • Attendees can network via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube within the web interface.


Webcast Presentation

  • Engage audiences with a more immersive solution
  • Control the flow of the webcast with a variety of content
  • Get real-time feedback from attendees via polling and surveys



Webcast Reporting


  • Measure the impact of your message and webcasts through analytics
  • Track registration and attendance of the webcast
  • Review results of surveys, polling and Q & A
  • Analyze data to assess the success of your campaign